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Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

Rabbasol®- Liquid Detergent, manual

Model PackagingPrice 
420100010kg canister16,08 €order
Intended Use: New type of dishwashing and neutral cleaning detergent with brightness effect. Rabbasol- Liquid Detergent is a perfect degreaser and a neutral cleaning agent with emulsion effect. Rabbasol- Liquid Detergent cleans dishes, house furnishings, windows, doors, furnitures, sanitary facilities etc. easily. Several drops of Rabbasol- Liquid Detergent provides optimal cleaning. New type fluid material makes drying unnecessary. Rabbasol- Liquid Detergent has a slide effect on the skin.

Rabbasol®- AR, manual

Intended Use: : “AR” is a neutral, harmless to skin and a powerful cleaning material which provides optimal cleaning. “AR” cleans sinks, tubs, doors, plastic furniture and all kinds of flooring, cutlery, glasses, porcelain and kitchen utensils. “AR” cleans and polishes the surfaces without the need for re-drying. It is very easy to use:
Washing: A few drop into the water.Moistened
Model PackagingPrice 
440100010kg canister12,60 €order

Rabbamat, Dish Washer Detergent

Intended Use: Rabbamat presents lots of advantages! It has intensive cleaning effect, protects glaze and decors, easy soluble and works without bubbles! Removes coffee and tea remains on the dishes, combines the lime salts of the water. If it is used with a brightener, Rabbamat provides optimal dishwashing results.

Dosage: According to the hardness of water, add 2-5 gr per litre. 1-2 tablespoons of household goods for each wash or according to the machine manufacturer's instructions. 1 tablespoon = approximately 15 gr.
Model PackagingPrice 
610100010kg bucket28,26 €order

Rabbamat- plus, Dish Washer Detergent

Intended Use: Rabbamat presents lots of advantages! Powerful cleaning, very alkaline. Immediately inflates the dried dirt. Removes coffee and tea remains, combines the lime salts of the water. Makes the anti-odor effect and disinfects. Optimal dishwashing results with Rabbamat- Brightener.

Dosage: According to the hardness of water, add 2-5 gr per litre or according to the machine manufacturer's instructions.nUse Rabbamat for delicate glassware and porcelain with glazed decoration.
Model PackagingPrice 
620100010kg bucket19,32 €order

Rabbamat Liquid, Dish Washer Detergent

Intended Use: Liquid dish washer detergent for industrial dish washers. Rabbamat Liquid, is a powerful dishwashing detergent with perfect cleaning effect, and does not foam. Suitable for cleaning porcelain, stainless steel and thermostable plastic parts. It is recommended to test before using on sensitive porcelain with glazed decoration.

Dosage: Rabbamat Liquid is applied to washing by a dosing tool. Usage amount changes according to dirtiness and the hardness of water. We generally recommend adding 2-10 gr Rabbamat Liquid into per litre of water. We advise you to use Rabbamat Brightener for rinse.
Model PackagingPrice 
640100012kg canister31,10 €order

Rabbamat- Rinse

Intended Use: Rinse aid and brightener for dish washers. You can get optimal washing results if you use Rabbamat Rinse with Rabbamat or Rabbamat plus. Washes bright as glass, dries by itself. Combines alkalines of the main washing detergent. There is no irritating foaming. Prevents the formation of lime in machines.

Dosage: 0,5 gr/l water or according to the machine manufacturer's advise. For household appliances, 1-2 teaspoon per wash.
Model PackagingPrice 
630100010kg canister21,60 €order


General Cleaning Products

Riffi®- Blitz, General Cleaner

Intended Use: A brand-new cleaning product for all shining surfaces. Riffi Blitz, cleans window glass and frames, mirrors, plastic surfaces, wall tiles effortlessly. Spray Riffi Blitz to the surface to be cleaned or spread with a polishing cloth, and polished by wiping. Riffi- Blitz cleans without leaving marks or opacity behind.
Model PackagingPrice 
3710100010Ltr. canister14,52 €order

Riffi®- Clean

Intended Use: Brightening cleaner with alcohol for water resistant surfaces, ceramic wall and floor tiles, painted and plastic coated surfaces. Riffi Clean cleans flat surfaces with details, leaves an unmarked brightness even without polishing. Protects polymer coating surfaces. Riffi Clean leaves long-lasting freshness behind.

Using Instruction: For normal contamination, approximately 100 ml (1 cup) of Riffi Clean is enough to add into a bucket of water. Dosage can be doubled if contamination is excessive.
Model PackagingPrice 
3720100010kg canister15,36 €order

Riffi®- Multi-purpose cleaner with ammonium

Intended Use: Riffi multi-purpose cleaner, is an alkaline cleaner, emulsion and cleaning effect. Cleans everything that needs to be hygenicly clean. Especially suitable for stairs, doors, window frames, tables, tubs, tiles, ovens, sinks and floors.Using Instruction: For randomly dirty places, 1/2-1 cup is enough for 10 litres of water. For stubborn dirts, use as concentrated, rinse with water afterwards.
Model PackagingPrice 
3220100010kg canister8,46 €order

Ecological Multi-Purpose Neutralizer

Formulated with environmentally conscious, phosphate-free.Effective cleaning concentrate for freshness and cleaning. For normal contamination, dilute 50 ml with 10 liters of water, and simply wipe the surfaces. Suitable for all acid and alkaline sensitive surfaces. Is a very good oil-solvent. Protects skin.
Model PackagingPrice 
4270100010kg canister9,72 €order

Rabbasol®- Cleaning Product- L 59

Intended Use: With cleaning and caring effect, abundant concentrate. Can be generally used! Suitable for swimming pools, daily cleaning of industrial and commercial facilities. L 59 cleans all kinds of water-resistant surfaces.

Using Instructions: For cleaning tiles, plastic and painted surfaces, add 2-3 tablespoon of L 59 into a bucket of warm or cold water. For glass surfaces 1 tablespoon is enough per bucket. Rough dirts can be removed actively by using undiluted product with a sponge or brush. L 59 is also suitable to remove stains from fabrics.
Model PackagingPrice 
410100010kg canister22,14 €order

Rabbasol®- Cleaning Powder FS

Intended Use: Rabbasol cleaning powder FS is used for cleaning laundries, baths, tiles, bathtubs, also very dirty and greasy mosaic floors, natural stone slabs, etc. It is very suitable to use with brushed machines.

Using Instruction: According to the dirtiness, pour 50 to 200 g of powder into a bucket filled with warm or cold water –approximately 10 litres- and mix until melted. Floors, walls are moistened with this mixture or it is loaded to the brushed machine's storage and brushed by it. For cleaning tubs and sinks, etc.: FS powder is sprinkled to a thoroughly wetted cloth, lightly pressed to resolve the powder, then the tuns, sinks are wiped. Rinse with clean water at last
Model PackagingPrice 
980100010kg bucket27,60 €order

Riffi®- Universal 308, General Cleaner

Intended Use: Powerful cleaner for metal, enamel, plastic and ceramic surfaces. Riffi universal 308 cleans all kinds of dirt remains easily and without scratching. Riffi universal 308 is for cleaning Bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, faucets and swimming pools with alike sanitary facilities fittings, stainless steel sinks or counter tops, metal kitchen utensils, large kitchen appliances, food enterprises, outlets and houses. It removes all kinds of dirt remains without scratching.

Using Instructions: Riffi universal 308 is applied to the surface or a moistened cloth directly without dilution. Rub according to the level of contamination, rinse with water and clean by wiping.
Model PackagingPrice 
3510100010kg canister18,96 €order


Hand Cleaning and Washing Products

Riffi®- Soft, Liquid hand wash soap

Intended Use: High quality hand washing product without any harm to skin, for all kinds of occupations and industrial facilities. Riffi Soft is based on a new type of active washing substances and skin protection components. It has perfect foaming capacity and has a nice frangrance. It protects acid cover of skin and totally alkaline-free and solvent-free. It does not cause corrosion in conventional liquid soap automations. It is waste-water protective, completely biodegradable, water-solvent, does not cause clogging of waste water pipes, concentrate and abundant to use.

Using Instruction: Riffi Soft is applied to dry hand from the coverage or by dosage bottle, and the dirt is scrubbed thoroughly, then rinsed with flowing water. Same washing process is repeated if necessary
Model PackagingPrice 
1260100010kg canister27,06 €order

Riffi®- Hand wash gel

Intended Use: Cleaning gel, harmless to skin. Riffi Hand wash gel deeply removes oil, tar, soot, ink, drawing ink and other dirt. Hand wash gel has anti-septic and slowing down anti-inflammation effect. Special advantage: Does not cause clogging of waste water pipes. There is no aggressive or toxic ingredients.

Using Instructions: Do not wet your hands! Just rub Riffi Hand wash gel thoroughly, then rinse with water.
Model PackagingPrice 
391004505kg bucket13,65 €order

Rabbilan 302, Cleaning Paste

Intended Use: Sand-free hand washing product with skin protective components. Rabbilan 302 is a modern hand washing product for all kinds of industrial facilities. Rabbilan 302, effectively removes oil, soot and pigment dirt and protects the natural acid cover of skin. Rabbilan 302 does not cause clogging of waste water pipes.

Using Instructions: Approximately 2 gr of Rabbilan 302 is applied to moistened skin, rubbed thoroughly and then washed randomly.
Model PackagingPrice 
3930100010L bucket13,20 €order
39301000500ml 27 cans per Box32,40 €order

Rabbasol®- Shower and Bath Product

Intended Use: Cosmetic bath and shower product with biological activating effect a skin care substances.
Model PackagingPrice 
400010005kg canister14,25 €order


Sanitary Facility Cleaner and Disinfectant Material

Ecological Cleaner with Vinegar Formulated Eco-consciously

Active lime remover with optimal material protection, presents brightness and freshness to sanitary facilities. We recommend you to use 100 ml of Ecological Cleaner with Vinegar per 10 litres, for normal water and cleaning of lime remains. A deep cleaning is required for powerful calcifications by diluting with 1:10 water, and this should be done only once. Do not use on hot surfaces (above 50 °C). It is a very powerful oil solvent. It is %100 biodegradable according to metabolites test
Model PackagingPrice 
4280100010kg canister9,00 €order

Rabbasan WC

Intended Use: Sanitary facility cleaner. Highly active, soft cleaner for sanitary facilities. Cleans all of the acid-resistant surfaces such as sinks, toilets, tiles, shower enclosures, fittings, flow areas, Removes lime residues, urinary stones, rust and dirt residues.

Using Instruction: Rabbasan WC is used without diluting. Apply, wait for effect, rinse.
Model PackagingPrice 
80100010kg canister14,10 €order

Rabbasan S, Sanitary Facility Cleaner

Intended Use: Special cleaner for sanitary facilities and stone floors. Rabbasan S, is an active cleaning product for the remains of water hardness and urinary stone, rust, limescale and hardened fat-like soil residues. Rabbasan S has an anti-odor effect.
Using Instructions: Wet the area to be cleaned with water first. Rabbasan S is diluted with 1:10 to 1:20 water according to the dirtiness and is applied. After a short while to effect, it is applied with a mat or brush and rinsed with water thoroughly.
Model PackagingPrice 
70100010kg canister12,00 €order

Rabbasan A, Sanitary Facility Cleaner

Intended Use: Special cleaning product for acid-sensitive surfaces in baths and sanitary facilities. Rabbasan A, is effective on removing the remains of water hardness and urinary stone, rust, limescale and fat-like dirt edges, lime lines, and water hardness remains. Rabbasan A has anti-odor effect and creates hygienic cleaning.

Using Instructions: Rabbasan A, is diluted with 1:1 to 1:20 warm or cold water according to the dirtiness and is applied, After a short while to effect rinsed with water thoroughly. When using with high pressured spraying machines, spraying out is set to 1:50 of dilution.
Model PackagingPrice 
990100010kg canister12,00 €order


Intended Use: Cleaning product for sanitary facilities. Rabbachlorit cleans floors, doors, hardware goods, sinks, shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets, waste water outlets or other washable surfaces in swimming pools, hospitals, schools, public buildings and homes and food and beverage establishments. Rabbachlorit removes oil and egg white dirts, lime soap residues, by itself and destroys irritating odors.

Using Instructions: For washing surfaces, approximately 200 ml is advised to use with per bucket of water. For toilets and waste water outlets, Rabbachloritis applied without dilution. Approximately 200 ml is used per wash for this. Rinsed with water after a while for effect.
Model PackagingPrice 
1020100010kg canister14,58 €order

Rabbasept 531 not available anymore

Intended Use: Special cleaner with bactericidal feature. Strong cleaning product for generally use of kitchen enterprises, meat industry working benches and appliances, food industry refrigerators, storage devices and sales counters. Rabbasept 531 cleans all the surfaces at the same time when killing microbs such as staphylococcus, salmonella, escherichia coli, proteus vulgaris.Tested according to directives of DGHM.

Using Instruction: Normal kirlenmelerde Rabbasept 531 konsantresi takriben 1:100 oranında su ile inceltilerek kullanılır (her 10 litrelik kovaya 100 ml).

Due to the biocides regulations, no longer in our product program.
Model PackagingPrice 
2830100010kg canister17,88 €order

Rabbasept- Surface Cleaning Product

Intended Use: Perfect cleaning for all washable surfaces, floors, doors, hardware appliances, sink, shower and bath rooms, bathtubs, toilets. Used at swimming pools, hospitals, schools, public buildings and industrial facilities.

Usage Advise: For disinfection and cleaning of sanitary facilities and operation rooms, wood, paint, plastic, metal and ceramic surfaces in general life, and for hospitalismus-prophylaxe:Usage Concentration:Effect Time:% 1,5 = 15 liters water1 hour% 1,0 = 10 liters water6 hoursUsing Instructions: The surfaces or objects to be cleaned should be washed or wiped with Rabbasept mixture and then washed with clean water again.It is tested according to the directives of German Hygene and Microbiology Company (DGHM) and approved with a report.
Model PackagingPrice 
2840100010kg canister35,94 €order

Rabbasept- Wipe and Care

Intended Use: Wiping polish with disinfection. Wipe and care product with polish for cleaning, caring, disinfecting the water-resistance floors at the same time. Suitable to use for especially hospitals, public buildings, nursing homes, doctor's offices. Wipe and care product leaves a thin protective film to prevent sliding and microps to resettle. It is easy to wipe.

Using Instruction: To remove the old polymer and polish layers, a deep cleaning with Rabbaxil is required before first usage. Should use Rabbasol Carnauba afterwards, for worn surfaces. Its microbic feature is tested according to the directives of German Hygene and Microbiology Company (DGHM) and approved with a report.
Usage Concentration:

Effect Time: Concentration: Amount:
1 hour % 2 200 ml/10 liters of water
6 hours % 0,25 25 ml/10 liters of water

Hospital microps are killed successfully when used as advised.Wipe the floor, clean out the solved dirt, and keep away from the second fresh mixture. Do not wipe with water again. More brightness is available by scrubbing.
Model PackagingPrice 
2850100010kg canister27,12 €order


Special Products

Riffi®- Liquid Laundry Detergant

Intended Use: Deeply effective dirt-solvent! Effective for laudries at 30°C, 40°C and 60°C only at a single wash.

Using Instruction: Does not require pre-wash. 1 cap of scale (approximately 150 ml) is poured into main wash part, is enough for 5 kg of dry laundry.
Model PackagingPrice 
3410100010kg canister18,00 €order

Riffi®- Metal 273, Metal Cleaner

Intended Use: For cleaning of stainless steel, nickel, chrome, brazen facades and coverings, stair handrails, metal and nickel parts of doors, fixtures, portable ladders, handrails, stainless steel pans, stainless steel sinks and counter tops, metal, kitchen sets, closure plates, kitchen appliances, boilers, large kitchens fittings, food and beverage companies, outlets and household goods.. Riffi metal 273 effectively removes water and lime stains, oxides and metal residues, starting places, oil type stains and protects the surfaces.

Using Instruction: Metal is applied to a wet cloth, rubbed evenly. Then, wiped with a wet cloth or rinsed with water and scrubbed again with a soft cloth. For larger metal surfaces, it is recommended to clean a Nypad-disc machine and rinsed thoroughly with water afterwards.
Model PackagingPrice 
3520100010kg canister26,16 €order

Rabbamit 429, Grill and Oven Cleaner

Intended Use: Powerful cleaning product for removing burned oils and charred leftovers. Rabbamit 429, is suitable to clean grills, stoves, ovens, pans, fryers and other cooking equipment in commercial facilities such as large kitchens, bakeries and other food enterprises.

Using Instructions: To clean by dipping, Rabbamit 429 is approximately diluted with 1:10 warm water. The equipments to be cleaned should be left in about 10 minutes and applied with sponge or brush, if needed. Then rinsed with clean water. Ovens should be heated to 90°C before cleaning and switched off. Spray % 10 mixture amount to the oven, wait for effect, re-spray and use a sponge or brush if necessary. Then, rinse with clean water.
Model PackagingPrice 
670120010kg canister36,36 €order

Riffi®- Pipe Opener*

KIntended Use: Effective outflow pipe cleaner. Using Instruction: Approximately 2-3 tablespoons of Riffi Pipe Opener is poured into the clogged outflow pipe and then cleaned with cold water. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, the product works completely. And rinsed abundantly with water.
Model PackagingPrice 
412001001Ltr. can 12 pcs. per box36,36 €order

Rabbacid WSE*

Intended Use: Stone remover powder cleaner, on the basis of acid components, for spraying machines, washing machines, acid-resistant stone floor and wall tiles. Rabbacid WSE does not have corrosive effects on iron, V2A- steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. Gypsum and silicate residues are insoluble.

Using Instruction: To remove the residues, 0,5-1 kg Rabbacid WSE should be diluted in cold water. This cleaning mixture is used for dipping or pomping transfer methods. Has to be rinsed with clean water right afterwards.
Model PackagingPrice 
160100010kg bucket36,30 €order

Rabbasol®- Insecticide

Intended Use: Highly effective pest extermination material on the basis of permethrin and synergist. Non-toxic to the warm-blooded. The Federal Department of Health has given the definition exempt permit for the combination of the active ingredient. Does not contain DDT, aldrin, dieldrin, chlorine, heptachlor. With its knockdown effect and short killing time, it kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats, crickets, cockroaches, bedbugs, rosaries beetle, moth, carpet beetles, silverfish bug, wood and grain beetles and other flying insects and reptiles within seconds. Long-lasting, light-resistant.

Recommended area of usage: Industrial facilities, storage areas for food, cereals, textiles, carpets, packaging materials, furniture, wood, renovation of schools, hospitals, housing, basement floors, animal barns, government agencies, entertainment companies, sports halls, etc.

Using Instruction: To use as a room spray in enclosed areas with fumigation device, 1 liter insecticide per 1000 m3. As an ignition spray, 5 liters of Rabbasol is directly sprayed to the crevices, empty holes and other hidden places with spray devices or hand sprayer.Special Information: Keep away from children. Do not contact with foods.
Model PackagingPrice 
4100100010kg canister81,60 €order