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Dr. Jonson Sanitary concentrate lime

Cleaning concentrate for all sanitary toilets with a tank.
ModelPackagingShipping unitPrice per UnitPrice 
415000010,125ltr. 48 pcs. per box0,75€35,90 €order
415001001ltr. 12 pcs. per box2,71€32,52€order
415005005ltr. canister12,74€12,74€order
4150100010ltr. canister24,39€24,39€order
4150200020ltr. canister47,69€47,69€order
4150300030ltr. canister71,54€71,54€order
4150600060ltr. canister139,83€139,83€order
41511200120ltr. barrel273,15€273,15€order
41520000200ltr. barrel455,25€455,25€order
415100001000ltr. IBC2167,88€2167,88€order

Rabbafrost antifreeze concentrate

Highly effective antifreeze concentrate for all types of chem. Toilet systems, water supply systems, for use in caravans, motorhomes, boats, coaches, large tanks etc. Rabbafrost protects water supply systems as toilets, tanks, fittings, valves, etc. during the winter from frost damage.
ModelPackagingShipping unitPrice 
87015ltr. 4pcs. per Box19,46 €order
41625000250kg container163,50 €order


Raban Soap cleaning concentrate

Intended Use: Cleaning concentrate for fast wiping care. When used continuously, a protective layer that does not absorb dirt and shines like silk is created. It is suitable for water-resistant plastics, rubber, linoleum, stone and polished wood floors.

Using Instruction: For daily cleaning, 1 cup of cleaning soap is added into per bucket of wiping water. Solved imporities are cleaned, left to dry without processing with clean water.
Model PackagingPrice 
4210100010kg canister8,28 €order