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The history of Rabbasol Chemie


Since 1953 Rabbasol is producing cleaning, disinfection, personal care products and other preparations for municipalities, wholesale, industry and private consumers in Solingen-Wald.

In 1988 the production of liquide fertilizer “Rabbaflor” started. With the new plant Rabbasol Chemie is able to offer varieties of liquide fertilizers in different sizes (bottlels, small containers for privat consumers or bulk containers for the agriculture industry)

In 1991 the hand cleaner company “Dr. Jonson Waschpaste” and the soap factory “Seifenfabrik Magdeburg” were acquired and integrated in the company Rabbasol Chemie.
1988 the production of the liquid fertilizer “Rabbaflor” started. In the new plant different types of liquid fertilizers are produced and the bottling in small and big industry quantities took place


Location of Rabbasol